Have you ever heard of Burnswark Iron Age fort and the Roman camps?  If you would like to witness the might of the Roman military machine in action, then this is the place to go.  At this site, you can clearly see how the Romans pincered the fort to the north and south in order to mount an attack on the indigenous people living on top of the hill.  The southern Roman camp has 3 gateways each protected by a embanked hill facing up the hill.  In 2016, the largest cache of Roman projectiles ever found in the country was discovered here.   The slingshots had 3 basic shapes: lemon, acorn and round with a hole in it.  The latter puzzled archaeologists for a while until they realised that the general in charge of the Roman camps was one Lollius Urbicus who had cut his teeth on assaulting hill forts in Judea.  His secret weapon was the pierced slingshot that screeched its way to the enemy – in other words, this was not just physical but psychological warfare.