Hadrian’s Wall guided tours

Hadrian’s Wall introductory tour from Carlisle

Hadrian’s Wall stands as testimony to one of the Roman world’s greatest emperors.  This one-day tour provides a full introduction to Hadrian’s Wall through a balanced mix of site visits and short walks. You will see examples of all the different types of fortifications along Hadrian’s Wall – turrets, milecastles, fort, the north ditch, vallum and remains of a Roman bridge – to leave you with a thorough understanding of how the Wall operated.

Words cannot express our appreciation for a truly wonderful and informative day with you on Hadrian’s Wall.

Gordon Sims, California, September 2015

Hadrian’s Wall scenic walk & Vindolanda

If you prefer to stride out on one of the most scenic sections of Hadrian’s Wall, this tour includes a 3-mile (4.5 km) walk from Steel Rigg to Housesteads Fort, together with an afternoon visit to the incomparable Vindolanda – the only fort in the Hadrian’s Wall corridor undergoing complete excavation.

‘Anna brought history to life in a personal and engaging way and, more impressively, sparked the interest of our two sons who would rather play video games than visit historic sites!

Erica Fisher, May 2015

Hadrian’s Wall turrets and temples

A tour looking at some of the less well-known aspects of Hadrian’s Wall.   Starting at Housesteads, we walk to Sewingshields Crags and its links with King Arthur. At Brocolitia we view a Mithraic Temple and learn about its fascinating associations with ancient astrology. Limestone Corner captures a moment in time when the Romans were defeated by the hardness of the underlying rock. Finally, we end the day at Chesters Fort and its wonderful bath-house.

‘Thank you for a wonderful day and for giving so much of yourself and your knowledge to us.  We loved being with you.’

Donna Bullock, October 2017